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Dietary & Lifestyle

Recommendations regarding a change or improvement in a person’s diet

Lifestyle can affect a person’s health in a positive way. Knowing what is best to eat and how making even the most subtle of changes to one’s lifestyle can often result in a significant improvement to a person’s health and quality of life.

Dietary & Lifestyle in Buckhurst Hill, Loughton, Essex, Chigwell, Woodford, Woodford Bridge, Wanstead, Snaresbrook, Walthamstow, Chingford

Dietary & Lifestyle

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Acupuncture is the time tested therapy that has been practiced in the Far East for thousands of years.
Moxibustion is the use of a dried Chinese herb called Moxa (or Mugwort).
Cupping is an ancient heat therapy which applies bell-shaped cups to the skin.
Auricular Acupuncture
This is also known as Ear Acupuncture. The outer ear has over 200 acupuncture points which help relieve many complaints and conditions.
Electro Acupuncture
Electro-acupuncture adds a modern element to the ancient principles of acupuncture.