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Cupping is an ancient heat therapy which applies bell-shaped cups to the skin.

These create a vacuum to warm the affected area and draw new blood and Qi into the affected area, thereby improving the condition and the person’s circulation. The cup may then be moved over a pre-oiled area or simply left in place for a few minutes. In this way, acupuncture points are stimulated through suction. Cupping is designed to increase circulation, stimulate the release of toxins and relieve muscle tension and tightness. Many patients report that the sensation of cupping feels similar that of receiving a deep tissue massage.

Cupping can leave circular bruises that are sometimes referred to as “cup kisses”. Although they can look alarming, they are not painful and will fade within 3-10 days. Most commonly, this technique is used for the treatment of aches and pains of various types including low back and leg pain, neck and shoulder tension, as well as fibromyalgia.

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